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Debate On Demand in AP Lang

This year in AP Lang I have been experimenting with different forms of what I call On Demand Debate. I've never been one for traditional but I like the exercise of taking a position and sticking to it. I remember many wonderful late night conversations in college debating questions for the ages. Debate challenged my thinking and I learned how to hear new ideas and to play the devil's advocate. This week we began unit 4- Gender and Language. In addition to introducing the research paper the kids will be doing over the next two months, we also spent the last few days talking about sex vs. gender, taking the BEM test and digging into the acceptance and popularization of "they" as a non-gender-specific pronoun. Some great conversations were had and I could tell that students were beginning to stretch their thinking.   Mid week I asked them to write a 1 paragraph blog post (all my students have been keeping a blog this year for posting work and responding to peer work) …