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Dear TeamTowne Advisory... or Wonder Women: The End of a Era

To My Wonder Women...

Advisory is a double edged sword.  There are wonderful things like: community and friendship, built in support mechanisms, parent outreach and connection, being the school mom. Then there are things that make it not so wonderful: small group dynamics, 4 years with the same people, being the school mom.
Prom was a couple weeks ago (complete with a surprise appearance by Shristi who moved away after junior year to Virginia) and it was such a gift to celebrate and watch them enjoy the night!

#TeamTowne made plans to celebrate the end of the school year. I proposed taking them to dinner and Wonder Woman. None of them had seen it yet and they all are fully aware of my WW obsession. It was not a hard sell. We shared pizza at Patsy's then headed over to the Regal. We filed into our row, snacks in hand, and settled into our seats. 
I sat on the aisle of our row in the huge movie theater and as Wonder Woman began her first huge reveal in the movie: crossing no man's l…