2016 April Blog A Day Challenge!

Last year, as I was home recovering from my totally thyroidectomy, (the first of what proved to be many of the steps in the journey of conquering thyroid cancer) I found the heart of Twitter. It's not what you might think: news, gossip, pictures...the true heart of Twitter is actually the vast array of professional learning communities. There are a plethora of groups connecting, exchanging ideas, challenging each other and growing. Many of these groups are teachers.

I soon found @the_explicator and the 2015 April Blog A Day Challenge. This 30 day blogging challenge proved to be life changing for me and for my practice.

This year, I'm picking up again and I would love you to join me. Calling all teachers: take the challenge and try to write 30 blogs in 30 days. Get your brain up off the couch and work it out! Grow, stretch yourself and get inspired.

The first prompt is up if you are ready to dive in.

Mr. Allatta, Me and Mr. Hatlee @AFSENYC


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