I Did It - CSNYC CS Pedagogy Meetup!

I was asked this year to present a workshop at the CSNYC CS Pedagogy Meetup, a monthly meeting of educators and others to hear about and discuss the things that are afoot in the CS teaching world.  Now you may be thinking to yourself, why is Meredith there?  Doesn't she teacher theatre and English?  Its true, I do but I have been working on creating interdisciplinary learning experiences for my 9th graders that use the tools they are learning in their CS class (Scratch) to explore the content we are covering in theatre.  While I knew I was not going to be the big draw of the morning, I had a great group of about 10 educators who stayed to hear about my work, try and few things out and talk about how they can bring collaboration and innovation to their own teaching and learning communities.  I also got some great ideas about how to use some of the things I am doing to teach sequencing when we are exploring narrative.

Overall, a very positive morning.  Thanks to Maor, Sean and CSNYC.


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