Day 1: 2017 April Blog A Day Challenge

Prompt: Glows: What are your greatest strengths as an educator?

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Saturday mornings, my husband and I order bagels from our favorite place in the neighborhood.  As some of you know, New Yorkers take their bagels very seriously--almost as seriously as they do their pizza, subway riding, or sidewalk etiquette. They only deliver on Saturdays, so it has become ritual over the last 11 years.  As a teacher, I know there are a million other things that I could (should?) be doing, but nine times out of ten, Saturday mornings are for us. 

I share this story because I believe one of my greatest strengths as an educator has come with experience and time but happens out of the classroom.  It is my ability to take the time to reflect, refresh, and regroup.  The Saturday mornings do just this.  While there is a pile of papers to grade, lessons to plan, and hours to be logged for my apprenticeship, I know it will be there later and it will get done. If it doesn't, well, frankly that's ok.  I find transparency about our humanity is one of the greatest lessons teachers have to offer students.  "Hey class, I need a few more days.  My apologies." They get it. They have been there too and it's ok.

What do my kids, high school students -- this year grades 10-12-- learn from my humanity? They learn empathy.  They learn that I too struggle sometimes and it is ok.  They know how hard I work because I tell them! But they also learn that it is ok to struggle, work through things, be tested, grow and learn because they learn from the example that is set. So, order your bagels, have a morning with your family, and remember that time is what you make of it.

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