Day 2: Why We Love Spring (And You Should, Too!) #Edblogaday

Day 2: Why We Love Spring!  

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Growing up in Seattle, spring was damp (duh) and cold but the sun would come out and eventually the lilacs would bloom.  This smell has to be one of my all time favorites.  When I was in college, I lived in a house in Tucson that was on a street lined with orange trees.  It was a luscious and joyous smell that I remember breathing in through the brief but fragrant time they were in bloom.  This year, spring has been stubborn to arrive here in NY.  But finally, just earlier this week, the trees exploded just a couple blocks from my house and a street that happens to be in between my house and the subway station.  I find myself going out of the way to walk down this one block on my way to and from work, breathing in the sumptuous smell of spring.

As educators, this is also the time of year when teachers start to get tired, frustrated and sometimes discouraged.  I sat earlier this week with a co-worker who is experiencing all of these things.  I, for the most part try to avoid this kind of conversation but sometimes, letting someone move through and process all the balls they have in the air is what someone needs.  Take the moments to mentor, support, and take in the beautiful spring air is what the season calls for.

I love spring because even in the midst of testing season, burnout, and trying to get those kids who have spent the last 160 days screwing around over the hump to hopefully be promoted to the next grade, as teachers we have a duty and the capacity to support one another, to life each other up and preserver. I love spring because even though we are all dealing with a plethora of work related stress, the warmer air and the amazing smells of spring (before the smell of NYC in the summer invades) .

Here is my wish for you all for this spring:

1. Find a quiet moment to talk 1:1 with a colleague and really listen.

2. Find a moment to celebrate with a group of kids.  They have as much on their plates this time of year as we do.  No pressure situations go a long way to build hope and good will.

3.Take deep breaths, take in the sweet moments, the human moment and help to ground you.

You got this.


  1. Meredith,
    Thanks for the encouragement! I love your declaration of "You got this." I will take up your challenges. I like that even though this is a time of frustration, tiredness, testing, and burnout for schools, you don't think of yourself, but you stop to think of others who need to be listened to and supported. I will sit and listen.

    And, of course, with my kindergarteners, celebrating is what we do best this time of year!

    I will take deep breaths, the sweet moments and let the human moments ground me. Lovely!

    With warm regards,

  2. Yes Denise! Please check in next week and let me know how your week went! I am remedied that often people look to us for leadership- even if it is not explicit. Each choice we make is a cue to those around us about how to live, learn and love. Be conscious, thoughtful and reflective and above all patient with yourself. My best, Meredith


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