19. Getting Lost In The Exhauastion

I hit the overtired place but there is no room for slowing down for a few more weeks.  I am thankful for tomorrow and the brief respite from classes with the day of early Regents exams and then all day PD on Thursday.  In the mean time we had interviews last week and two more today.  It's a process thinking about who and why and where they would fit in and what they would bring to the dynamic of an already strong team.

There is also the larger piece- thinking longer term- beyond the next year.  What do we as a team need in the next 3, 4 and 5 years.  Where will I fit into this dynamic? Who will still be with us?  Who will have moved on, moved forward.  I suspect this will be a school that people stay with for a long time (provided the school culture does not dramatically change).  So what is the compliment.  An argument can be made for many of the amazing people we have met.  Only time will tell.

I donated the remaining three weeks before Regents exams to the Living Environment department- to help support 9th graders prep for their exam.  Much of the work I can do with them is with literacy skills and close and critical reading of science texts and breaking down reading comp questions.  I am glad to help.

My AP students are also wrapping up their speeches that they will present next week in class.  There is some fantastic work taking place and I suspect this will be a powerful experience for many of them.

The small wins outweigh the exhaustion and I am doing the best I can to not get too lost.  I am starting a class on NYU on Thursday- memoir writing.  Kicking writing into overdrive.  Stay tuned...


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