18. The Reflective Practitioner and Calculated Risks #edblogaday

At the end of each of our lesson plans and unit plans is space to reflect on how it went and attach student work (digitally).  Admittedly, I seldom take the time to reflect on the lessons this way.  It has never felt authentic but rather forced.  When I began blogging for this project at the beginning of April, it didn't feel forced.  My thinking felt authentic, honest and it was true to me.  While I know blogging is the long form of reflection, what is the happy medium between nothing and blogging that still gives me time to think about my teaching in a brief yet authentic way that really does serve a purpose?

I have found of late that my reflection has centered around many WHY questions as I work to dig through the much of my craft.  As I was walking out last night, I walked along side my Principal and I was sharing with him that a teaching colleague, who had applied to another admin training program (one I applied to but did not get into) had been accepted.  It will be an intense one year program.  I applied to another program, that is 2 years, will culminate in a second Masters, give me my 30+ credits and support my development in a cohort of 24 professionals while being supported by Hunter College and our network New Visions.  My boss told me he was glad I was taking the route I was- even though he graciously wrote me recommendations for both programs.  I am too.  I think this is a better fit for me.  As we parted last night he left me with the thought- WHY am I going though the administration program?  What do I want to do at the end of 2 next two years? 

I relayed this story to my husband when I got home.  He told me that he thought the push from my principal was the right step.  He is challenging me to really begin thinking about the WHY and what this next step may mean for me.  At this point what I know is that I have begin to develop some very clear thinking about what it means to be a part of a school community and in order to really understand the HOW of educational systems, I need more training.  I need to go back to school.  

I worry that I am too emotional, too sensitive and that I could never be as removed as it seems principals feel they need to be in order to be truly effective school leaders.  This part I don't understand and I believe I need to go through this process to learn what being a school leader means to me and should look like.  What if I go though this process and decide that being a school leader is not what I want?  I think this is an ok risk.  I know it will push me to be more reflective, to be more critical of my own practice and as a result hopefully it will make me a better educator and leader.


  1. I often look to all opportunities that present themselves as an experience to learn something new and interesting. I love new challenges. What is your motivation? Are you also a learning motivated individual or are you more motivated to reach a specific goal, relationship, opportunity to socialize? I've learned so much about education and leadership this year but I've learned even more about myself. Love ya.


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