Day 10: What's Left? #AprilBlogADay Challenge

Prompt 10: What is left to do with your students? In your classroom? With your colleagues? Personally?

I had started a post this morning that over the course of a few hours became irrelevant so I am starting over.

1.  With my students...

  • prep for the AP exam in May!
  • Move the 3 kids who are not "college and career ready" to get at least a 75 on the NYS ELA Regents
  • Read A View From The Bridge with 9th grade
  • Teach 9th graders about theatrical design
2.  In my classroom...
  • I am expecting to have to change rooms again so I suspect packing up is going to have to happen.  Ugh...yuck.  Packing.
  • Find ways to share a classroom that I feel comfortable with and can still be proud of the space and what it reflects.
3.  With my colleagues...
  • I want to learn to ask better questions to when I mentor so teachers lead their own development through inquiry.
  • I want to help new teachers to take on new roles in a growing school.  
  • To help teachers build up their capacity as teacher leaders.
4.  Personally...
  • I want to be better with each year I continue a career in education.
  • I want to develop interdisciplinary curriculum with ELA/CS
  • I want to get my admin cert 
  • I want to be healthy 
  • I want to love my work
  • I want to inspire others to do great work
  • I want to grow...grow....GROW


  1. Lots of stuff to do on your list! The good thing about packing is getting rid of stuff - always a plus.


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