Day 17: Thankful Friday #AprilBlogADay Challenge

This is how today felt.  My thyroid was removed last month in addition to a baseball size tumor in my neck.  In side my thyroid were 4 cancerous nodules that are now gone.  I thought until about an hour ago I was going to have to do radiation (RAI) in June, but that is no longer as my Endo had changed her mind because, "there is no clear evidence or research to show that radioactive iodine treatment has any impact on micro-cancers (cancers less than 1 cm)".  The plan is now to monitor my Thyroglobulin levels and as long as they stay less than 1, (they are currently .3) I will not have to do RAI.  

I am beyond thankful that this is the new plan.  A week post surgery my ENT had told me that this would be the plan.  Last friday Endo changed the plan.  Tonight she changed back.  It's been a roller coaster of a month. 

Tonight, I am thankful that I will not have to miss the last 2 weeks of the school year in quarantine.  I am thankful that I can change to the new thyroid replacement med and hopefully stop feeling like a 90 year old woman and it will be easier to do things I love.  I am thankful today for the 65 9th graders that did storyboards of Oedipus complete with captions taken from the text and that ALL markers were picked up off the floor after every class.  I am thankful that my student teacher rocked her second lesson today and that another preservice teacher will be coming in the first two weeks of June to help out and finish up her hours.  I am thankful that it is supposed to be 75 degrees in NYC tomorrow and that winter really is over.  

I am thankful tonight for my slow recovery, coffee and Orphan Black premier tomorrow night. Now, if all the essays would grade themselves it would be like winning 5 million dollars.  Well, almost...


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