Day 20: What are we working on NOW? #AprilBlogADay Challenge

Day 20...

My mind is preoccupied with revamping.  It is that time in the school year where I start thinking about all the things I should have done differently- like next year students will really learn to write MLA citations using a handbook and not Easybib.  It's like learning long devision- you shouldn't get to use the calculator until you can do it on paper.  Tweeks to make things better.  

I want to work with @eallatta to begin developing a ELA/CS interdisciplinary curriculum for 12th grade.

I want to really dig into larger discussions about what PD looks like at our school and now that the SBO is coming up, thinking about new ways to make it the most successful and supportive for teachers while getting buy in at the same time.

I want to read the new book of short stories that came from Amazon today.

I want to find more test prep materials so AP feels confident going into their exam on May 13th.

I want to push hard, and get through and get to June 15th.  

I want to have time for all the things I want to do in the day.

I made time for this and I am glad I did.


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