Day 12: Passion!! Do you have it? #AprilBlogADay

Prompt 12:
What passion project are you working on?

Professionally, there is always something I am thinking about, things I want to do.  I have hatched a lot of plans of the year and some things work, some don't.  For me, a passion project is to following something
from inception to completion, to collaborate and learn, and create something that will last beyond me.  Working in a school where are the students are learning to code and about CS, I am learning too.  Many kids talk about design and not engineering.  (While I am sure many consider engineering an art form, I have a design background and for me there is a difference between design and construction...two different skill sets.)  Currently, it's all about laying the ground work and beginning to develop a pilot course blending ELA, ARTS, and CS in a course in Video Game Development & Design.  This to me is STEAM (not just STEM) and an integral aspect of education for Millennials and preparing for College and Career. (Here is some really interesting research on Arts Integration from Edutopia.) I think I do my best work when I am collaborating with people who want to collaborate and create something together, to exchange ideas. I am hoping it is what I can work to develop this summer to prepare an elective for Seniors next year.  

I also want to work to develop and create a TEDx event at our school.  It is a LONG process and there are a plethora of rules and guidelines but I think it would be an amazing piece for out school and for AP Lang students to do in the month between the AP exam in May and the end of the school year mid June.  This idea is new and fresh.  Lots of learning to do

Personally, I want to be healthy.  My hope is that by September I have my voice back (my right vocal cord is paralyzed at the moment and I teach with a mic and amp- although I have to say I love it in many ways, especially in Drama class!), I have the cancer "all clear" and that I can begin the school year strong and ready to hit the ground running. 

One of the things I love the most about being a teacher is that there is always a new school year, there is always an opportunity to reflect, grow...evolve and educators and humans.  This is why I still get nervous the night before school starts.  It is my passion, this journey, this life.


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