Post 22/Day 23: Can you see me now? Transparency at the school level. #AprilBlogADay Challenge

Day 23: How transparent should our profession be?

Financially, 100%.  When public funding (local/state/federal) is being used to find schools, that data should be made available and transparent for the public.  

At the classroom level, transparency had been good for me professionally. Now...I work in a school is has built much of it's reputation on transparency and we are a school that gets a LOT of publicity and visits from movers and shakers from both public and private sectors.  Being in a new school, teaching AP, being a Model Teacher, my classroom is frequently on the visit list.  Our tech classes are first- because we are a tech school- but I get visits.  I think doors being open to anyone at any time is nerve wracking, but at some point  I let it go.  School Happens, as a school leader once told me early on in my career and it is true. We all have good days and bad days. Visitors or not, being able to be vulnerable, releasing the fear and being ok with any outcome meant that I could take risks, challenge myself and my students more and ultimately we both grow at exponential rates.  At the classroom level, transparency had been good for me professionally.

BUT...some days, I feel like that cat.  I want to be invisible, just do my thing.  No be bothered.  I want to have 4 periods do grade papers/plan/grade papers...


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