#11- The Stress of the Test #Edblogaday

Last week I wrote about my nerves around the administration of the AP Language and Comp exam- which is tomorrow-and everything I was feeling and thinking about.

Yesterday, I had my last class with my kids before they take this monumental exam tomorrow.  Two of my colleagues graciously gave up their class period with the kids so I could have a double period with them- this included 2.5 hours of debriefing the practice exam they took on Saturday, examine anchor papers and rubrics, self assessing their own work, reminders about pacing, prioritizing and remaining focused.  My kids were great (for the most part) and the students who have worked hard continued to work hard through those last 2.5 hours.

I had three kids come to see me after school yesterday, to do additional troubleshooting.  I knew they have all be struggling, Type A kids who want to do everything perfect the first time.  I can relate, it's hard to let go and just let things settle.  We tend to want to amp kids up, but I think the amping leads to a crash.

So for my kids, I told them the following things:

  • Sleep the night before, no cramming.
  • Eat breakfast- protein not sugar.
  • Mint stimulates the brain, bring mints to help keep you focused.
  • You know what to do, now do it.

Only time will tell (Come on July!) but most have worked hard and I have great hope for positive results.  I am not sure what the passing rates are like for first year AP teachers...but hope for the best, right?


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