Day 10: Why Do I Love My Mama? Because She Helped Me Kick Cancer's Butt!

Last Christmas was the first time I had been in my hometown for the holidays since I moved to NYC 10 years years ago.  My husband and I flew for a week of celebration and family. My mama and I got to have some great time together that week.  I didn't know I had cancer and the most exciting thing coming up was hoping the Seahawks would make a return trip to the now ill-fated Superbowl.  This picture was taken on an early morning outing to Starbucks before some post holiday shopping at Fred Meyer.

One of the hardest phone calls I ever made was the call to my parents to tell them that the biopsy had come back positive and that I had thyroid cancer.  This was one of those moments where you don't want to live 3000 miles from your mom, but instead across the street so you can cry in your parents arms.  My mom didn't miss a beat though and by weeks end had figured out how to take the time off so she could fly to NYC to be with me and my husband to support, help, be mom and mother-in-law and anything else that might crop up.

  This was the morning of my surgery, a total thyroidectomy and
the removal of a fist size tumor in my neck.

 Thumbs up has been the mantra through out this process.  Especially through social media. Quick check ins to let friends and family know that things were okay.  

That first week was hard, emotional, and included an unanticipated trip to the ER two days post op because calcium and magnesium dropped dangerously low.  My mom was there with me for the 12+ hours and held me when I lost my composure and cried and cried.  My mom was there to just be Mom and she was the best medicine.  

My mom shouldered so much that week.  I had the honor of hearing the last conversation she would have with one of her oldest friends before she lost her battle with cancer.  It was sad and beautiful and made me more thankful than ever that my cancer was the kind that could be cut out and discarded.  I had worried that I was keeping her from something but ultimately, I knew my mom was exactly where she wanted and needed to be.

Love you Mama, today, tomorrow and every day.  


  1. Beautiful. I'm so glad you two made it through such a difficult situation. I know if my Mom were still with us, she would be there for me as well. What a beautiful picture of the two of you!

    1. Thanks Sheri! Moms are special people, for sure. :-) Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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