17. Laughter and Electricity: The Solution to Exhaustion #edblogaday

Today was  along day.  An epic day at the end of an epic week.  I am tired.  I can feel myself starting to hit the wall of the school year.  I know that it has been a Herculean feat just for me to get through this year.  It's ok that I am exhausted.  Last night I got to go see Fiasco Theatre Company's production of Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona.  I got all dressed up and my wonderful friend Primo came with me.  We laughed and schmmozed and drank wine.  It felt good to laugh and relax and escape into the theatre for a few hours.

If you are in NYC you can see this show through June 20th!

Today was long.  Up at 5.  Out the door by 6:30.  Heavy teaching day, lots of student conferences, quick coffee after school, back for meeting at 3:45 to prep for interview session from 4-6, run interviews for group of 17, chat with applicants after, debrief with Admin, pack up, answer phone messages, out the door by 7:15, on the rain by 7:30, home by 815.  
I don't have much left.  I do have an inbox of 32 speeches students wrote- first drafts of their Raising A Ruckus Project (modeled on Ted Talks), the culminating project for AP Lang.  I am excited and they are doing amazing writing and a lot of it.  This project feels electric and I know I have hit something big.  You know the feeling.  This is the feeling I will just to ride out the rest of the school year.  Laughter and electricity. 


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