Day 7: Gratitude #Thankateacher #edblogaday #teacherappreciation

So many teachers, so little time.
Today I found out I was accepted into a two year leadership program that culminates in being certified to be a school administrator.  I never, and I mean that: NEVER thought I would be taking this step.  There were a plethora of factors that went into the decision to even apply. There was a moment last spring, when I was walking to the subway with my principal and he asked me if I had thought about administration.  A year ago, I was not ready.  What a difference a year makes.

I am ready and I am excited.  I am beating cancer.  I know that life is precious and I have to move forward, take risks and evolve.  I would not have made this choice if I did not have strong school leadership who I know will mentor and support me through this process.  So today, I choose to thank my administrators who have been my champions this year, have had hard conversations, have been transparent and answered so many of my big and small questions.

It's a good time to work at my school and I am lucky to be there.

Oh and: Thank you to...

  • Katie O. for writing so many letter back and fourth with me over the years.
  • Ms. Val Zwol for letting me self-select the books I wanted to read in 10th grade English.
  • Ms. McCellen for finding ways for me to demonstrate my understanding that were outside of the prescribed ways.
  • Mr. Ito for making space for me to shine in middle school.
  • The staff at my local Parks and Rec Center who helped to teach me the value of work and earning money.
  • All the families I baby sat for growing up who trusted me to care for their children and as a result, I developed a plethora of life skills that have served me well.
  • Ms. Brown and Ms. Mac for being amazing co-teachers.  I got better at what I do through working with you both.
  • Gregory, Rachel, Rick, Louise and Jill for spending countless hours in costume shops teaching me and supporting my evolution as theatre artist.
  • Lynne Mackey for teaching me, even though I was too slow to be lucrative.  
  • Marjory for your mentoring and friendship in the trenches. You have been a gift to my life.
  • Andy and Vicki because the most important teachers are our parents.


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