Day 10: Planning and Process

Prompt: Planning: What is your process? How do you get ready for the week? 

I am a fan of UbD, backwards planning and project based learning.  I love designing HUGE projects that take students through multiple layers of learning and experiences that culminate in product that demonstrates all the skills they have mastered and the content they have discovered.  As AFSE has made the transition to Mastery Based Learning, I am even more sold on how all these pieces can work together to create powerful, authentic, challenging, and exciting learning experience for my students. 

For my process- I always like to start with a theme.  For my AP Lang class I have 4 major units- The Role of Rhetoric; Language and Identity, Language and Gender,  and Language and Community.  Each one containing a major project as well as scaffolds to support progress and preparation for the AP Exam in May.  From themes I move to essential questions and understandings.  I often them move to compile materials.  I have a text for AP but I also supplement with a lot of current writing and journalism.  I am a huge fan of personal narrative too.  Time and place for all sorts of writing.  The internet is ripe with possibilities! If I don't compile materials I will write up the project- the assumptive piece with all the guidelines and directions as well as the assessment criteria. Sometimes I will present this information to students on day one of the unit so they know where they have to be by the end. It works for me.

What is your planning process?  How do you get from A to Z?


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