Day 20: Our Students Change Us #aprilblogaday

Prompt: Tell a story about the student you have learned the most from.

I don't have children.  I wont be having children.  I think a lot about legacy and what I am leaving behind.  The mock AP Lang exam I gave last week included a speech from Jane Addams about the legacy of George Washington.  While I am certainly am not even remotely close to that kind of legacy I do want to leave something behind. I want to know that I have made an impact on both my students and my colleagues....

Last year I got to sit down for brunch with Jasmine.  She was immersed in the 3rd year of her teacher training program.  Jasmine was my student and now she is becoming the teacher. Her resilience and dedication to her chosen path is exciting.  When the students you teach become teachers themselves, especially students who struggled and understand challenges that their own students will face: that may be one of the most powerful experiences of my career.  I could not be more proud of Jasmine and her bright future as she begins her career.

Jasmine's High School Graduation, 2011

Post Brunch Selfie, 2015


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