Day 2: Glows - #AprilBlogADay Challenge

Prompt: Glows- what are my greatest strengths as an educator?

When it comes to the craft of teaching, we all have Glows: areas where we shine and our best comes out for the world to see. There have been times in my career when my best was in the classroom, in my element teaching and learning with my students. Others times my glows were more prominent outside my 4 walls as I planned and developed curriculum. 5 years in a transfer school where I created 2 new courses every 12 weeks, three times a year helped me to become efficient, fluid, and to build up my so called teacher toolbox

Today, in 2016, I think one of my greatest strengths is that I know there is always room to improve.  The things that don't work are not so crushing as they were earlier in my career.  I have developed teaching resiliency.  It is safe for me to take risks that sometimes pay off and sometimes I fail horribly.  Failure though, is now an opportunity for professional growth, having a deeper understanding of how to determine why something didn't work has become yet another tool I have to support my development.  It has come with time and experience.  


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