Day 9: Working for the weekend do you structure your time? Do you have boundaries?

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After 10 year, I don't know that I structure my time well.  My routine is that I usually leave Saturday mornings for myself.  I catch up on TV shows I love (The season premier of Outlander this morning!) and nap a bit too. Snuggle with the dog, Rose.  After all my health and medical challenges this year, my body is still recovering and sleep is a blessing.  Saturday afternoon is usually work time.  Sometimes I go to the coffee shop around the corner, a little local place, where I know the owner.  I can sit for a long time and work and enjoy good coffee.  I teach three different classes this year so I prep lessons and power points for AP Lang and Theatre on Saturday and modify World Lit lessons on Sunday after my co-planner - a first year teacher who I also mentor-- sends the lessons.  

Sunday I email my AP class with reminders, then I do some more work- on and off throughout the day.  Sunday is also my cooking day.  Grocery shopping, prepping food for the week.  It is a busy day.  My rule is that I don't answer email after 6 pm from students on Sunday.  Any questions or requests come before.  Kids are pretty good about that. 

Self care is essential.  I do my best to balance, be comfortable and do what I need to do. :-)


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