Day 8: Celebration #aprilblogaday

I had a rough day today. It's hard to think about celebrations after a kid loses their crap AT you in a small group setting. But I'll try...

Ways I have celebrated...

I make cupcakes for every advisee on their birthday every year. They get to pick cake and frosting flavor.  We have cupcakes 11 times a year.

Before the winter break we go out for a dinner together, as an advisory (11 junior girls). It's a nice way to come together and share a meal before winter break.

After the AP exam I have a party with my class.  It has been joyful and celebratory of their evolution.

Teenagers like to celebrate with food.  (Who doesn't?)

I produce the Talent Show twice a year- a celebration of all the creative talent and performing artists in our school.

Our school does a great job of celebrating and thanking teachers for their work.   

Big picture- ritual is important, even in your class.  I love the rituals my advisory had created to celebrate.  


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